Rest & recovery is the starting point of being more resilient where we restore our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy.

Many of us get the idea of physical recovery but what about psychological & emotional recovery? We need to do certain things to be at our best, just pushing ourselves and working hard isn’t sustainable. Being able to regulate & calm ourselves down without putting ourselves down is an important skill to develop and makes life so much better. 

As sleep is the biggest contributor to our energy, wellbeing and performance, our first online product will focus on the skills and practises to get your sleep back on track. This is suitable for people with mild to moderate sleep disturbance and professionals & athletes who want to maximise their recovery & sleep potential. 

Based on Sleep science, Mindfulness and Acceptance & commitment Therapy practises.  

Sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better.

Living Well Index

1 to 1 consultation

Each 1 to 1 consultation comprises 3 x 1 hour sessions.  Sessions are currently delivered by Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Areas Covered;

  • Resilience: Skills training for managing life & work stress.
  • Neurodiversity: Managing ADHD & work.
  • Sustainable performance: Preventing burnout for busy professionals & high performers.
  • Sleep: Sleep your way to wellness. 6-week program. 

Workplace Workshops

Lifestyle Awareness provide workshops for groups of staff in your organisation.  Workshops can be delivered live or via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Areas covered include;

  • Sleep and the power of recovery.
  • Routine design, skills and team practices for remote working.
  • Mindfulness for modern times.
  • Resilience through creativity and play

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