About Peter

I founded Lifestyle Awareness after working as a Senior Occupational Therapist for 18 years in all areas of Mental Health. Over the years I began to question and wonder if it was possible to work with people much earlier than in crisis and what early intervention and prevention may actually look like. As part of my own wellness path, I realised that one of the things that impact all areas of life, performance and mental well-being, is our mind, yet most of us were never taught how to use our minds properly in a practical and evidenced based way.

Clinically I have worked at South London & Maudsley (SLAM), Saint John of God Hospital, Saint Patrick’s Hospital and The Dean Clinic.  I continue to be a trainer with Mental Health First Aid Ireland.

I have written articles for RTE lifestyle, appeared on the TV show Operation Transformation & contribute regularly on radio and media outlets.

Happier at Work Podcast

Ever since I was a teenager I have been interested in understanding human potential and ways to unlock talent and ability. In sports and in life I met so many people who lost composure and confidence when under pressure or just were unable to translate their ability and hard work into results. They hadn't developed their minds to be able to develop their true potential when it counted. 


Many years later I came to the realisation that I had been playing too small and safe both personally and profesionally. I needed to develop my own belief and acceptance of myself which brought me into the world of Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Over time this gave me the clarity, vision and courage to move into the unknown and leave the security of a pensionable job and work as Occupational Therapist outside of the system. Every day I practise skills to take small steps towards the work and life that I truly want, even if that feels uncomfortable and scary at times.