Imagine a gym for your mind, where you learn to train your mental muscles to be more present and calm to recover from setbacks so you can express your true potential and protect your well-being in challenging moments. 
“Attention is the currency of performance.”
Peter Haberl 
U.S. Olympic Committee

The Mental Skills Paradox
Many coaches & athletes acknowledge that their sport has a mental aspect, training just technical or physical skills will have its limits.  Athletes need to learn how to stay focused and manage emotions and distractions in pressure and chaotic moments and this comes down to mental skills training. However, this is not usually part of the athlete's training routine.
In recent years mental well-being & athlete welfare have also become more important across Sports. Unfortunately, many coaches are unsure where or how to explore these areas in a helpful or evidenced-based way. 
Over the last twenty years, we have learned from neuroscience that mental skills such as Attention and Imagery training are trainable skills and can be added to practice/ training sessions in a time-efficient way.

Potential – Mental interference = performance.


We have two evidenced solutions that we have trained to work with athletes & teams. Mindfulness Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE) & Functional Imagery training (FIT).

Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE)®
MSPE is a cutting-edge mental training program for athletes, coaches, and other performers.
Drawing on research from the sports sciences, psychology, and neuroscience, it provides specific guidance in building mindfulness skills essential to consistent, optimal performance. 
The training focuses on key skills to enhance well-being & performance, build tolerance and presence for pressure moments and manage distractions and setbacks.

  • The sessions are delivered over 6-8 sessions and usually take about 6 hrs.                     
  • MSPE is applied to each sport, providing sport-specific practices and cues that can be applied to individual and team training sessions and match day.                                                    
  • Once these foundational skills have been developed, we can add top-up booster sessions.

We have trained with the MSPE founders Keith Kaufman & Timothy Pineau. 

Functional Imagery Training ®
Functional Imagery Training (FIT) is a unique approach that blends motivational interviewing coaching with tailored, emotive imagery exercises to strengthen confidence, and motivation and feel prepared and ready for challenges. This process of Imagery helps in the hardest moments when you are stuck in negative self-talk or distraction and according to the experts, is the secret to long-term success.  
FIT incorporates three extensive bodies of research:

  • Mental imagery and its role in emotion and motivation/desire
  • Motivational Interviewing, 
  • Mental Contrasting (a future where things stay the same versus a future where change has occurred) with Implementation Intentions (specific if-then scenarios coupled with detailed rehearsal in imagination).

We have trained with the founders at the University of Plymouth.