What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who work in all aspects of healthcare. Our primary focus is on improving people’s ability & opportunity to do the things that matter with less stress and struggle.

Occupations are another way of saying the things we do, which are interconnected with our mental health as they give our lives structure, purpose, joy and meaning.

Our approach is often more practical than talking based therapies and can involve developing awareness, skill development, changing the way something is done or designing the environment to facilitate better performance.

One to one Occupational Therapy

Clients will often get in touch to work on a lifestyle or work related challenge. Our focus will be to improve performance and wellbeing. These are 50-60 mins & on average people have 3-5 sessions. There is also the option of purchasing and engaging in the FITMINDS program to support the development of mental skills and behaviour change in a more flexible and affordable way.

Areas & challenges I work with people around:
•    Attention & focus
•    Getting things done efficiently
•    Reducing distraction and procrastination. 
•    Managing workplace stress & performance
•    Improving mental skills & performance in sport
•    Achieving lifestyle balance & reducing burnout
•    Social anxiety and improving their social life & relationships

Many of my clients may have a diagnosis of ADHD & or may be awaiting an assessment.

Self Paced Programs


FITMINDS: Mental Fitness & Lifestyle program includes:
•    Access to self-paced program for 3 months 
•    Fortnightly live webinars.
•    Modules on stress, anxiety, sleep & mood.
•    Why and how to improve your mental fitness.
•    How to train your mental muscles.

•    Tools & practices to improve your focus and concentration

•    FITMINDS playbook.

Only €67 for 6 months

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Zentangle course
Zentangle is a mindful form of drawing patterns that is great for slowing down our busy minds, regulating, focusing better, and unlocking our creativity.

•    Live workshop to get you started. 
•    Access to self-paced program for 3 months 
4 modules that cover some foundational tangles.
•    T
echniques and how to overcome obstacles in approaching activities in a mindful way.

Only €27 for 3 months

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