What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is how we think and feel about ourselves and how that impacts on our ability to reach our potential in life and recover from challenges along the way.


Mental Fitness exists along the Mental Health continuum and is always changing. Just like physical fitness we become conditioned through practicing and action. When we have Mental Fitness, we have more presence, energy and connection to our values to cope with the demands of life. However, it doesn’t mean that we are always happy or positive, fitness can be about being flexible, asking for help, feeling your feelings, being kind and finding a way to remain open in difficult moments.


One of my mentors Michael Gervais said as humans we can train three things in life, our body, our craft, and our mind. However, breaking that down into practical steps has only become clearer in the last decade through advances in Neuroscience and research from Mindfulness and Acceptance-based training, despite the stoics writing about this centuries ago.

We would like to support you work on your own Mental Fitness journey by giving you some practical tools & strategies to test out and experience as you go about your day.

The practices will be short, can be done on the go & the hardest things about them will be remembering to do them. You don’t need any extra time what we are doing is breaking automatic pilot more often and using cues and reminders to do so.
If you would like to sign up our free Mental Fitness challenge, click on link above.