Lifestyle Awareness is an Occupational Therapy service for professionals who want to improve their mental & emotional wellbeing, resilience and unlock their potential. The focus of LifestyleAwareness is on Mental Fitness & skills development, with options for both individual and group based working. Individual clients often start with one to one working and then choose to move to the FITMINDS group program.


I have previously worked at South London & Maudsley (SLAM), Saint John of God Hospital, Saint Patrick’s Hospital. I am very grateful to have written for RTE lifestyle, appeared as a guest contributor on the TV show Operation Transformation & speak regularly on radio and media outlets.

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A Bold Vision.

The vision of Lifestyle Awareness is to cultivate a path towards prevention that focuses on the shared skills between sustainable High Performance & Mental Wellbeing.

Our main program FITMINDS is structured over 10 week cycles and is led by Peter Connolly and supported by leading professional across areas such as Mental Wellbeing, Sensory modulation, Fitness, Imagery, Sleep, Resilience, and Acceptance & Compassion based approaches.




At the heart of the program are four foundational pillars:


Reduce stress, improve wellbeing & performance, by targeting its underlying blocks, which are habits, beliefs and ways of working that does not support people to thrive.


You have 5 Mental Muscles, Attention, Imagination, Compassion, Gratitude, & the Goal keeper. Learn to train & use them daily to fuel your wellbeing & resilience.


Create a lifestyle that supports your mental wellbeing. FITMINDS will support you to improve your fitness, nutrition, sleep & social wellbeing.


Unlock your potential from the inside out. Develop your inner compass & vision to strengthen your ability to do what matters & perform when it counts.


The FITMINDS programme is the first online membership programme of its kind. The approach and teachings are drawn from Occupational Therapy principles and Third-wave therapies such as Mindfulness & Acceptance Based approaches, Compassion Focused Therapy and Functional Imagery Training (FIT). Its blends practises that are exercise our mind & brain.

You will have access to your own membership portal with teachings from experts from around the world. There are two group programs available which can be completed on your own or join the weekly coaching/ accountability sessions, to ensure you stay on track.


FITMINDS: Mental Fitness & Lifestyle Group.

This is for individuals who would like to manage their anxiety, stress & mood better.

You are stable in your mental health and are comfortable with a group experience instead of one to one working.

You are struggling with sustaining meditation, exercise and ways to switch off.

You want to return to work and stay well.

You would like to focus on Mental Fitness skills to develop a lifestyle with meaning & purpose.

FITMINDS : Attention & Executive Function skills.

Understand how your brain & mind work best to perform at your best.

Improve your attention & focus and manage distraction better.

Create a system that supports your organsiation & memory.

Start tasks earlier and finish them in an efficent way.

Get your sleep back on track.

Rewrite your own story on what you think you can do.

Reduce mental fatigue & exhaustion.

FITMINDS: Mental Fitness & Lifestyle program.

For the cost of seeing a Therapist once per month, the FITMINDS 12 week programme gives you access to leading mental wellbeing and prevention skills training every week.

Upon joining, you will get exclusive access to your own membership portal packed full of digestible content that you can watch and read wherever you feel most comfortable.

Members join the live sessions (via Zoom) , to support learning, accountability & skill development

The programme is run over intervals of 12 weeks, to provide more time and resources to support you. Follow up support is available if wanting to continue though our community membership.

FITMINDS: Mental Fitness & Lifestyle program.



✓ Structured weekly pre recorded sessions

✓ Fortnightly live group sessions

✓ Sleep, fitness and lifestyle management modules

✓ Two 1:1 check in's

✓ Creative sessions with leading guest facilitators

✓ Train on your own timetable.

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We have tried to put as much information as possible here so please read information below if you have any question.

Q1. How much of my time do I need to allocate to FITMINDS?

A. The skills you learn in FITMINDs are functional and can be used as you go about your day. In the morning if possible we recommend about 20 minutes for a morning routine & spread anything else throughout the day! The recorded sessions are short, snappy and fun that is built around your lifestyle. You can join from any device, at any time, whether you are commuting, on the go or able to find a few minutes during the weekend.

Q2. What if I cannot join the live sessions?

Do not worry, the program is designed to be flexible. Each session is conducted live (via Zoom) and a recording of the content is made available for anyone who missed the session, or for participants to revisit the training at a later stage.

Q3. How many people are in each group session?

Group sizes are focused to ensure we give each participant the appropriate amount of time and support needed to meet their goals.

Q4. How do I monitor my performance?

At the beginning of the program, we conduct assessments across multiple areas to understand where you are at and to ensure the program is suitable. We also provide support & accountability sessions. At the end of the program a further assessment is conducted to demonstrate the level of progression you have made.