We provide live & recorded training through our FITMINDS program & wellness portal. This provides a flexible and creative way to train and intergrate FITMINDS into your workplace.

We support teams & organisations to develop the Lifestyle & Mental skills that are not widely taught, yet impact on both wellbeing & performance.

Focus on the root causes of stress & anxiety and how our minds & brains function best, this improves both performance & wellbeing.

Improve the Person, Enviornment & Occupation (PEO) fit & support diversity, inclusion and wellbeing.

We support other social enterprises & charities by giving back 25% from any corporate work, as part of our Community Social Responsbilities (CSR).

Shorter Workshop examples

FITMINDS & Prevention.

Bespoke skills training, ideal for teams and organisations that have already completed Mental Health First Aid training and want to further cultivate their cultural change and wellness at work resources.


FITMINDS for Creativity & Innovation:
Learn to exercise the most powerful muscle of the mind. Imagination is a mental muscle that we use every day, so learn to use it more skillfully and become a creator of wellbeing and an innovator at work. (25% give back to Clown without Borders). 


Imagine gym training for your mind and its purpose to develop a more Flexible, Imaginative & Compassionate Mind. (25 % give back to The True Athlete Project). This is a very practical yet profound workshop with experiential exercises to test out, reflect and learn by doing. We provide the underlying theory but make it super practical, safe and accessible to enhance daily wellbeing.


Resilience & Flexibility.
The skill for uncertain times and resilience. (25% give back to Alone). This workshop will break down the six key principles of Psychological Flexibility and provide you with practical ways to develop them in life & work. These Mindfulness and Acceptance based approaches are taught in elite sporting environments such as Football Premiership clubs, NBA & NFL.


The True Athlete Project

LifestyleAwareness is sponsoring Jack Hunter Spivey (Table Tennis) & Ken Doherty (Snooker) on the 2021 Global Mentorship programme.

True Athlete re-imagine sport as a training ground for compassion, mindfulness, and mental wellbeing. We re-imagine the idea of an athlete as someone who develops mind and body to help others, and make the world a better place.

Clowns without borders

Restoring joy & wonder to children & families in crisis in Ireland & abroad through creativity & circus skills.Circus performers, clowns, theatre and street performers, actors and musicians from all corners of the island of Ireland offer their skills, humour and time on a voluntary basis to perform professional shows, teach skills and bring laughter to children and their communities in Ireland and around the world.

There are 3 regional branches working within CWB Ireland, in Dublin, Cork and Galway, with active volunteer performers in each region. Besides undergoing international tours, each branch develops different projects in their region, like visiting Direct Provision centres or working at events promoting and supporting asylum seekers and refugees


ALONE provides Housing with Support, Support Coordination, Befriending, BConnect training and technology, and Campaigns for Change to hundreds of older people every week, who are homeless, socially isolated, living in deprivation or in crisis.